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Wednesday to Sunday Evening Menu                         

Marinated Olives                3.5 
Chilli Nuts                            2.5
Bread & Dips                           6                                              
Black Olive Tapenade, Red Pepper Tahini, Roasted Tomato
Selection of Cheeses                                7                                                                            
with Honey, Chutney & Crackers

Baked Camembert w/ Rosemary Bread Skewers 6.50

Selection of Cold Meats                              8                                                                          
with Bread, Pickles & Chutney

Selection of Fish                        12
Chilli Prawns, Smoked Salmon Pate, Mussels & Bread
Selection of Cold Meats & Cheeses            12                                                                           
with Bread, Homemade Chutney, Honey, Olives & Pickles 

Sharing Plates/Starters 6 each                                                                                                 

Cheesy Chilli Poppers w/ Cool Dip (Watch out some can be Spicy!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Pan Fried Halloumi w/ Lime & Chilli & Pita Bread                                                                                                            
Ham & Cheese Croquettes served w/ Tomato Jam                                                               
Patata’s Bravas 
Smoky Chicken Skewers w/ Aioli                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Large Sharing Plate (Choose 2-3 of the above)      12                                                             




Steamed Mussels & Cockles with Cider Cream &  Leeks served with Fries or Bread            13                                

Seafood Lasanga w/ Crusty Bread & Green Salad                                                                    14 

Crab Gratin with Leeks, Aged White Cheddar & White Wine                                                14                               


Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich (w/ choice of Homemade BBQ Sauce, Apple Gravy or Spicy Tomato)
& Cheddar served with Fennel Coleslaw & Sweet Potato Fries                       13
Smoky Whiskey Chilli w/ Jalapeño Corn Muffin, Homemade Tortilla Chips, Sour Cream & Cheese   14
Dux & Co's Fried Chicken w/ Baked New Potatoes & Red Cabbage, Fennel Coleslaw


Butternut Squash & Tomato Gratin w/ a Crispy Crust                                                                       11

Pulled Aubergine Sandwich w/ Smoky BBQ Cheese Sauce w/Red Cabbage Fennel Coleslaw & Sweet Potato Fries 12

Stacked Parmesan Polenta Steaks layered w/  Warm Tomato, Corn & Spinach     11



Parmesan & Pumpkin Seed Green Salad                                3

Sweet or Regular Fries w/ Dip                                      3.5/2.5

Potato Cubes w/ Dip                                                2.5

Creamed Spinach                                                    3


Selection of Cheeses with Chutney & Flavoured Crackers                                                                            7 

Chocolate Brownie with Raspberries & White Chocolate with Cream/Ice Cream           5           

Sticky Toffee Pudding w/ Caramelised Banana & Ice Cream                                             5       

Key Lime Mess                                                                                5                                   5


We offer a small wine & cocktail list and also BYOB (no spirits) and just charge a small corkage of €4 on bottle of wine and €6 per table for beer